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Trailers are a great way to get out and enjoy nature with your friends and family but many people who own or rent a trailer neglect the need for good trailer tires. Trailer tires are almost as important as your vehicles’ tires, as trailer tires carry the load of your gear and belongings. Here at Moeller Tire & Lube, we are trailer tire experts and know all the important details about trailer tires. We can fit you with the perfect trailer tires.

Here are some important facts about trailer tires:

Know the Load Capacity—Some used trailers may have mismatched tires that have different load capacities. This should be avoided because it can cause blowouts. The total load capacity of all tires on the trailer should be greater than the weight of the load they will be carrying by at least 20 percent. We have trailer tires of all capacity loads.
Inflation—Never under inflate the tires as this is the leading cause of tire failure. Colder weather can cause trailer tires to lose pressure. When the weather is cold or when the tires have not been exposed to the sun for an extended period of time, be sure to double check the pressure. Always check the tires after you reach your destination. If trailer tires feel hot to the touch then you must add 3 PSI to the indicated maximum inflation level.
Wear Over Time—After about three years of usage, trailer tires lose about 33 percent of their overall strength. This is a good indication of how often you should change your tires. Five years is the longest one should go before changing their tires.

We are experts on trailer tires and we can help you determine whether or not you need to change your tires. You can count on us to provide sound advice and have a wide variety of trailer tires in stock at all times. Call us today!