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Tires | Moeller Tire & Lube

Superior tire sales is what we aim for here at Moeller Tire & Lube. But what does superior tire sales mean? It means that...

Trailer Tires | Moeller Tire & Lube

Trailers are a great way to get out and enjoy nature with your friends and family but many people who own or rent a trailer neglect...

Auto Repair | Moeller Tire & Lube

We have all been in the unfortunate situation when we need to have some component of our beloved vehicles repaired. Vehicles...

A lot can happen to your vehicle so you need mechanics you can trust. Moeller Tire & Lube wants to be the reliable mechanics that Flatonia, TX calls on for help so use our services today! (361) 865-3523

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You depend on your car for a lot of things in your life. Your car takes you where you need to go, it gets you there safely, and even transports your most precious cargo in and around Flatonia, TX. You expect a lot from your car so do right by your vehicle by bringing it into Moeller Tire & Lube. We have everything your vehicle needs to stay running reliably. All of our equipment is top of the line and all of our staff are experienced professionals.

When you bring your car, truck, SUV, or trailer into Moeller Tire & Lube you can be sure that your vehicle is in the very best hands.

When that annoying little “check engine” light goes on in your dashboard, don’t worry about it, just bring it into the expert mechanics here at Moeller Tire & Lube. If your tires are looking a bit worn and bald, you can count on us to have the right tire for you at the absolute best price. Your tires are an extremely important component of your vehicle. They are the only part of your car that makes contact with the road, so make sure you get your tires rotated regularly and replace them as soon as they show heavy signs of wear.

We make it easy for you to shop for tires for your vehicle. No matter what your vehicle may be, we can fit you with safe, reliable, and reasonably priced tires to get you on the road safely once again.

Shopping for tires can be a tedious and confusing ordeal but when you come in and visit the tire experts here at Moeller Tire & Lube, you will find that getting the right tire is easier than you thought. Our staff is friendly and helpful and they will know exactly what kind of tires you need for your vehicle.

So call us, or come in and visit us today!